Gogo Juice ®

Gogo Juice is the first and only web-based power connection service system of its kind in the world. Through endless web-based apps, Gogo Juice is changing the way power is connected and charged for. The system is able to be turned off and on with the desired fee for a duration of time allowing locations to control their environments. Together, Gogo Juice and the locations supply the customers with a reliable and convenient experience, giving them peace of mind while eliminating Low Battery Anxiety. Connecting the world for the first time one outlet at a time.

Power how you need it

Gogo Juice is diverse in every way. We have many different types of outlets and charging capabilities. USB, Standard outlets based on your country and the new (Qi) wireless charging devices.

Get back into Green

Charge your device back into the green. Pick the amount of time you need. Our 5v charger will have you back into the green in no time.

No Cords, No waiting

Forgot your cord? No worries, Gogo Juice has the new (Qi) wireless charging pads installed right into the arm of your chair.

Top Questions about Gogo Juice ®

How many people can use Gogo Juice at once?

Gogo Juice devices can be used anywhere and our technology is infinite and scalable from 1 to 1,000,000’s  , you can have as many people as there is power. Look for our totally solar systems.

How much does it cost?

In general there are no install costs to the location. There are many options for locations to choose from. Free connections with advertising to freemium to premium to straight charging opportunities.

What are the full specifications for Gogo Juice?

Being the only web-based system in the world our patent-pending system is a trade secret.